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Brenda Brauns

Brenda Brauns

This  Info supplied by Brenda's sister Diane on 8/31/2015.

After graduaating from Hermitage, Brenda went to Smith Deal Massey Business college.  She worked in an office setting until she decided to go to, and graduated from RPI/VCU.  She became a dedicated teacher and was known to get to school early to help the little girls fix their hair (even taking curlers) and provide something for breakfast.

In December 1974, Brenda and Delores Vawter (now Terry) traveled to the Florida Keys, worked a short time painting buoys and other odd jobs, before taking a freighter to South America.  Brenda and Delores hiked, backpacked, hitched rides, took public transportation across the country and then traveled north thru Central America, Mexico and into the USA.  In August 1975, Brenda opted to stay in Utah where,  she found a teaching position and friends that loved to hike, downhill ski, and vigorous cross country skiing.

Brenda returned to Virginia a few years later.  She again was teaching, started conoeing, continued hiking, sking tho she said Virginia slopes were all bunny slopes.  More adventures included a summer in Jamaica.

Brenda married Watkins M Abbitt, Jr. in December, 1980  They did not have any children.