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Robert (Monk) Vaughan

Robert (Monk) Vaughan

Monk died June 1, 1976 and is buried next to his father in Greenwood Memorial Gardens in Goochland.

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11/26/14 12:02 PM #1    

Rick Tredway

Believe Bobby was killed in a motorcycle accident ,shortly after graduation in 1965

11/27/14 01:17 PM #2    

Michael Blunt

Robert (Bobby) Vaughan became a local character in the fan district after graduation from Hermitage and was known mostly by the nickname "Monk". I remember him as a graphic artist and motorcylist at that time. I don't remember the exact year  but I do remember the circumstances -  he was run over on his motorcycle from behind early one morning on Huguenot Bridge.

11/28/14 11:57 AM #3    

Carol Ponton

Bobby died not long after our 10th reunion.  I remember seeing him there at the reunion and talking with him then. He was the same as always.

Then about a month or so later, I think, Bootsie called me to tell me that he had been killed early one morning while riding his motorcycle in an accident that involved a collison with a truck

Thinking of him still makes me smile.  

I remember while in high school we were both taking a speed reading course in downtown Richmond.  We would ride there together.  It was January and freezing cold outside.

One Saturday morning, it was around 34 degrees,he picked me up and he had the top down on his car. Apparently the night before he and his friends had partied a little to hardy and someone had thrown up in the car.  So we had to ride all the way to downtown Richmond and back with the covertible roof down and freezing because the smell in the car was so awful.

Another memory of him is from speech class. For one of the speeches that we had to make,I remember that he gave his speech on surfing.  He went outside of the classroom and when he came back into the room he was carrying a surf board and wearing only a bathing suit. I have no idea to this day what he said but we were all entertained as usual. He made me laugh.  He is missed.

09/10/15 09:18 AM #4    

Thomas Eure

Bobby "Monk" Vaughn   a good friend and a great artist. He made the sign for my first leather shop on Lakeside ave. It's reported here that he was run over by a truck. I was working for my cousin at his Exxon station across from River road when this happened. Thank God I wasn't there the evening it happened. It was reported by the people there that he was stopped at the stop sign going from River road to Cary street when a drunk teen came over the hill and could not stop. He was thrown 50 feet thru the air and  broke his neck upon landing. I doubt he felt a thing. He was a shining star with great talent and is missed by many. When I went to his funeral there were way over 100 people at the grave side. I saw my aunt Helen standing beside his mother and learned they had gone to nursing school together. Gone but not forgotten, I'm sure he's riding his bike in heaven!


09/11/15 05:46 PM #5    

Martha Thompson (Closter)

I will always remember Bobby as he always made me smile.  He was the type of person I enjoyed being near.  Imagine my surprise when he asked me to "wear his letter sweater"!!  I was thrilled....even though it was a little soiled.  Soooo, I had it cleaned and wore it to school....proudly.  Soon after that, he asked for it back so he could give it to Ponton!!!!  I wish he were still around so the three of us could laugh about this!!!  Bootsie.....Marti

09/12/15 01:23 PM #6    

Trudy Cosby (Levitin)

Trudy Cosby Levitin
I remember Bobby Vaughn very well.  We met in 7th Grade at Brookland Middle School and we were both in Mrs. Knott's Class.  He asked me to the "Sweetheart Dance" (My First Date).  Nobody ever forgets their First Date!  His brother accompanied by his brother's date drove us to the Dance and took me home.  He lived too short of a life, but from what I remember he lived life to the fullest while he was here.  He will be remembered at our 50th Reunion along with all the others members of our Class who have passed away.

09/14/15 09:32 AM #7    

Michael Blunt

I stand corrected - the (mis)information about Monk's passing came from a close riding buddy who knew him better than I did. I once went with this same friend to see him at his place in the 1500 block of Floyd Avanue and noticed he had designed and painted his house number on the door frame in an incredibly creative and clever combination so that the number read in one direction and the other spelled FLOYD, obviously it impressed me to remember it still. 

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