Sue Jennings Adt

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Sue Jennings
Residing In Mechanicsville, VA USA
Spouse/Partner Joseph F. Adt, Sr. (Frank) passed away on 10/6/2015
Occupation former Admin. Secretary... left job force 1999. Now retired!
Children Lauri Sue Tomlinson, born 1967, died 1978.

Joseph F. Adt, Jr. (Joe), born 1975; Grandson Austin More…born 2002; Twins (girl & boy) Lauren & Tyler age born 2007; step-granddaughters Erika 24 & Taylor 19, step-son Nick 23, & step-great-grandkids Ryleigh age 6 & Kason age 2.

Stephen G. Adt, born 1977; Granddaughter Mandolin Rain, born 2011.
Yes! Attending Reunion

When working I was always a Secretary/Admin. Secretary or Bookkeeper, but my main job was always wife & mama! My two sons (24 mos. apart) have brought me

School Story

The main funny time I can remember is having Mr. Griggs for Biology right after lunch. Joey Lipscomb was my Lab Partner and Bobby Lavier & Brenda Braunds sat right in front of us. I remember the four of us just having so much fun in that class!! Plus I also remember Mr. Griggs reading his newspaper &/or dozing behind it & sometimes the class getting sleepy too, as he said "...all our blood had gone to our stomachs to help digest our food"!!!! He was definitely a fun teacher!!! ;)

I remember Ms. Fern Downs being a terrific English Teacher, and old Ms. Kelley not liking married or girl students & I was both, so all I got were D's no matter how hard I tried in her class my Sr. year.

In the senior class pictures section of the yearbook, I am shown as Sue Tomlinson as I was married at the time. (well, many of us have done a FEW stupid things!!!)

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Well, as if "retirement" was first a huge jolt to our nervous systems ~ THIS PANDEMIC IS DRIVING ME CRAZY...I don't know about the rest of you!!! I'm a widow, not supposed to mingle with the rest of the world because of COVID, my only interaction is with my immediate family, so now I have my groceries delivered, etc. I only have to go out occasionally to the beauty shop and nail shop, & maybe the drugstore. After this frigid winter, I'm ready for spring - and this pandemic to be over (if that's possible)!!

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Happy upcoming Birthday Betty and may you have many, many more!!! Hope you and yours are all doing fine!!!! Guess you might have heard that I lost my husband of 40 1/2 yrs. just about the week of our 50th Class Reunion. I have since met a wonderful gentleman whom I've been dating, which has been wonderful!!!!

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It's been almost six months now since I was looking so forward to attending our HHS 50th Class Reunion. However, my husband of 40 1/2 yrs. was put in the hospital only five days after I had my 2nd knee replacement. He lived two weeks after a heart valve replacement and suddenly things turned for the worst and he died on October 6, 2015. So, needless to say, I was unable to attend. My family & I have somewhat collected ourselves, but he will always be my soul mate and best friend, wonderful father to our two sons, and a terrific "Papa" to our grandchildren. He will always be missed by all of us and his many friends. This is the first time in my life (with short periods of time) that I've lived alone and had the responsibility for everything. Quite a change! But with my sons & daughter-in-laws help, I feel I've gotten through the most difficult part. They were such a help I honestly don't know what I'd have done without my wonderful support system system - including my eight grandchildren. They fill my life with laughter while their parents are my support team!!! I hope to see everyone at our next "whatever it may be"!!!! ;) ~ Sue Jennings Adt ~

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So happy to see that you are attending our Reunion!!!! Hope to see you there!!! ;)

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Sue Jennings Adt, - 10/2/15

Ray, my husband & I have been planning to come to the HHS 50th Reunion for many mos. now. I had a very successful knee replacement last May '14 & knew I would need another one in a yr. & had no reason to think that it would be just as successful. I'd seen the x-ray & it looked bad but it never started hurting. So I waited through the summer thinking it would start hurting any day, but it didn't until around the middle of Aug. & BABB -it hit me like a ton of bricks - so bad that I knew I couldn't wait until after the Reunion. So I reacted immediately, got date scheduled of 9/1/15 & everything went perfect or so I thought - until hubby had dr. appt. on 9/4 & they put him in Mem. Reg. for Congestive Heart Failure. We were back at home for about 3 days & he was back in the hospital and three doctors "put their heads together" to try to figure the best treatment. Then he was transferred to St. Mary's Hosp. Intensive Care under the care of a particular Dr. They deemed his heart valve to be the culprit so they replaced it by going up through his groin area. I am still in some pain, but he is still in ICU at St. Mary's holding his own for a man age almost 77. I probably wouldn't have given his a 2nd though until my good friend since high school Rhonda (Smithmer) & her husband Ernie Strube invited me to go along with them. After thinking about it & knowing if I stayed at home along, I'd be miserable, I accepted - so the 3 of us will be coming together. (I know I hadn't sent in my money for the night before the event or the "Big Event" so no I just need to know how much I own you & whether to mail it or bring it & hand it to you??!!!) Ray I just didn't know who else to ask. . You are welcome to email me at, or call me on Home phone 730-1895, or Cell phone 852-8523671. I'm sorry this is so late, but no sorrier than I am.....but I figured if anyone would now the answer - you would!!!!! You have worked so very hard on this project. I've thanked you before but I'd like to thank you again ~~ you and the committee have done a Bang UP job!!!! I look forward to hearing back from you. AND, ANYONE WHO MIGHT READ THIS ~ PLEASE KEEP MY HUSBAND IN YOUR PRAYERS. WE'VE BEEN MARRIED 40 1/2 YEARS, HAVE TWO GREAT SONS AND FOUR WONDERFUL GRANDCHILDREN!!!!

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Apr 20, 2015 at 7:58 PM

Joan, your newer picture is much better!! Check my profile for my recent picture!

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Apr 03, 2015 at 5:19 PM

A really great picture of Mandolin taken when she was about 3 1/2 yrs. old!!!

Apr 03, 2015 at 5:14 PM

This is my most recent picture taken of my youngest granddaughter, Mandolin Rain Adt & me taken on her 4th BD on March 14, 2015. She's much cuter that this, but pretty good of me I thought!!! ;o)

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